Digital is an essential ingredient in the holiday rental marketing mix. Whether you like it or not your holiday rental is not getting noticed in a fiercely competitive market unless you are marketing online.

Your prospective guests are searching for accommodation online globally. They no longer rely on making a long distant call to the local visitor centre. They jump online, type in your location, followed by “accommodation” or “holiday rental”, press enter and bam! The instant list of options appear.

If you are not marketing your holiday rental online you will not appear. End of story.

So what are your options?

a) Continue managing an archaic operation and achieve less than viable occupancy rates and return on investment.

b) Invest in training and research and teach yourself to effectively digitally market your property.

c) Engage a professional holiday rental manager in your region to take over all aspects of marketing and management. (search our holiday rental property manager directory from the home page).


d) Engage Welcome In to look after the digital marketing and booking administration and retain responsibility for letting the guest in and caring for them while they stay.

When you choose to manage your holiday rental you do so because you live close by, are semi-retired and/or want access to the property yourself. By engaging a Welcome In consultant to help you there is flexibility with arranging your own personal access.

Ask yourself what you need to earn from your holiday rental to make it viable to retain. If you need to maximise on occupancy and return on investment then it's a smart move to ask a professional for help along the management journey. Someone with the knowledge and skills to navigate complex and varied digital marketing platforms such as a website, Facebook and other social media channels and profiles on the major booking portals including Stayz, HomeAway, AirBnB, Flipkey as well as your local visitor centre.

We can tailor a support package to your needs or maybe our $55 digital marketing audit is of interest?

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