Welcome In was developed after I managed my husband and my own portfolio of holiday rentals in Australia. At the time there was very little industry support. I suppose you could say most owners and managers were flying under the radar for fear of non-compliance.

I developed our properties from scratch including branding, marketing, administrative systems, policies, templates including house rules etc. I undertook the research myself to find out if we were a) allowed to use our properties for this purpose and b) who our local stakeholders were/ what opportunities existed for developing local partnerships.

I was determined to maximise holiday rental guest satisfaction and occupancy, to make this venture worthwhile. I knew that we were taking a risk. For us, it paid off.

I developed Welcome In as a resource for owner managers of holiday rentals (corporate or leisure). I provide tips on the set up, administration and marketing including a supplier directory to locate niche short term holiday rental accommodation industry suppliers.

In time I heard about the establishment of the Holiday Rental Industry Association and swiftly made contact to become involved. Especially as their main objective was to address regulation road blocks and encourage long term sustainability of an industry that has been around for 140 + years in Australia – that is currently under threat.

We urge all owner managers of holiday rental accommodation in Australia to join the HRIA. The benefits will far outweigh the investment. Whilst the Association is tackling regulation as a high priority members can gain access to administrative templates attached to the Code of Conduct, receive member discounts to industry events and connect with other members on a local level. A full list of member benefits, and an online application form, are available on the Holiday Rental Industry Association (HRIA) website.

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