What do you supply your holiday rental accommodation guests?

I have to confess – I am a bit of a coffee snob. As I approach my 40's I have become rather fussy. I love the sound of coffee bean grinding, the magnificent coffee aroma plunged fresh for the simply amazing brew! It is my focus from the moment I awake. Add a half teaspoon of raw honey and a splash of A2 milk – that's the business!

So how do you cater to the needs and wants of your holiday rental accommodation guests? Do you spoil them with the option of freshly grinding organic coffee beans? Tea bags vs leaves? Do you provide fresh or long life milk, in the fridge or out? Raw honey, raw sugar, fake sugar, white sugar – any sugar? Hot chocolate?

Your holiday rental guests will arrive from different cultural backgrounds from all corners of the globe. So how do you keep all of them happy and at what cost? Is keeping them happy your responsibility? Or do you supply the bare minimum to get them through the night and until they have the time to visit the local store and seek out their own preferences?

We often stock up on Robert Timms coffee bags when we go away. The last holiday rental we stayed in provided the coffee machine but we couldn't work out how to use it and there was no coffee supplied.

A viable holiday rental business will ensure all costs are factored in when deciding on rental tariffs however if you have to mark up too much you may not be competitive.

I wonder how many holiday rental managers actually consider what they supply and how much importance they place on guest experience? I've recently launched an exciting guest welcome pack. Visit my Guest Experience page for more information.

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