I just stayed in a fantastic holiday rental in Eagle Bay, Western Australia. I enjoyed the property and location so much that I did what I would hope you would educate all of your holiday rental guests to do – I told everyone about it. I’ll explain this further but for now let’s rewind a little.

I actually located this holiday rental on Facebook. I know crazy hey. I put Holiday Rental Dunsborough (the closest town) in the search box. This is what results displayed.

Eagle bay holiday home facebook search

How nifty is that! Your guest can now find you direct by searching within Facebook. Chances are that if the page is set up well it may be optimised in Google too. I’d like to think that the prospective holiday rental guest is becoming very savvy and always discovering ways to find you direct without opting for booking portal assistance straight up. Let’s face it we all know you pay for that privilege.

I immediately liked the page. Why not, I wanted to keep track of it and refer back to it when I was considering it alongside my other holiday rental options. It’s also a great way to show other travel buddies by sending them a link to the page so they can check it out themselves. I find Facebook pages can be mini websites for holiday rentals. They present a holiday rental property really well.

Ok so fast forward to post stay because yes we did choose that holiday rental and yes it was largely because of the way it was sold to me on the Facebook page! Given my satisfaction with our choice of holiday rental accommodation I decided take some time out to help the property manager out. This is how I was able to contribute in some small way and this is what I recommend you request ever so nicely off your guests;

1. Check in while you’re away

Write a post on your timeline while you’re staying in the holiday rental and use the check in function. If you start typing the name, and a Facebook page exists for that holiday rental, it will auto appear.

2. Post a Facebook review on the holiday rental Facebook page

I went into the holiday rental Facebook page, clicked on the review tab, described how wonderful the property was and why it was so suitable for us. Remember that those who look at reviews are still trying to determine the suitability of the holiday rental for their travel group.

3. Engage with the holiday rental Facebook page content

If you really like one of the photo’s or agree with one of the posts. Show it. Throw them a like or comment or if you are really generous you’ll share it on your own page.

4. Share the holiday rental Facebook page with your Facebook friends

Yes you can click on the URL or website address of a holiday rental Facebook page and past it into a new post on your own page OR just share the page by going to the page, clicking on “more” then “share”, enter your comments and follow the prompts. You can even choose which page you want to share it to.

5. Tell people about it

Lastly you could actually have a conversation and tell people about it. I know actual word of mouth! Still quite possibly the most powerful form of promotion in my experience! Human emotion and expression mixed with words can still do so much more to convince and convert.

When I have time I’ll draft a PDF for you to upload and forward to your guests. Maybe you could send it before you refund their bond (cringe). Cheeky I know! Seriously though I doubt any decent human holiday rental guest would mind giving you a helping hand to promote your holiday rental and sing your praises through their network. As my Mum always told me, if you don’t ask you don’t get.

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