It’s a bit like winning friendships. you have to put yourself out there first and foremost. Is your holiday rental profiled online? If the answer is no, pause and fix that straight away, then come back and read on.

Part one: how to find your holiday rental a guest.

Part two: maintaining a longer term holiday rental guest relationship.

This article will focus on part one and cover exposure, presentation and consistency with your holiday rental’s digital profiles.

There is plenty of competition out there but, if profiled well, you will find a good match for your holiday rental. Hopefully your prospective holiday rental guest will enjoy the time spent in your holiday rental and want to come back for more (that’s a bit more about part two: maintenance).

First up you need to focus on these areas for the best chance of standing out amongst the crowd. If you’re after a quick fix then you may focus on presentation to grab their attention. If you want your guests to keep scrolling/ reading your holiday rentals need a little personality. The prospective holiday rental guest is looking for evidence of how you will focus on their best guest experience.

Also, like with friendships, some tastes are different to others so be as descriptive as possible. Good quality images that tell an honest story about what they can expect when they stay in your holiday rental. Don’t waste their time pretending to be something/one you’re not.

To break it down;

Exposure: So your holiday rental can be found.

You must exist online to be found these days. Google, booking portals and OTA’s do generate holiday rental bookings but be mindful about your work load and capacity to maintain multiple listings.

Social Media
Mastering one social media channel at a time will increase your holiday rentals exposure.

While you make every effort to exist online there is very little point in doing so unless you are using your key words. Think about how you search for products and services online. The same applies with the search for the ideal holiday rental. Key words being “holiday rental”, “accommodation”, “{your region}”, “{best tourism experience}”, “{best property and holiday rental experience features]”. Write and repeat, and repeat, and repeat…Refer paragraph three. Can you see how much I’ve mentioned holiday rental? Well – that’s a little bit of overkill. Try and tone it down to subtle key word, and convincing, inclusions if possible.

Partnerships & Affiliations
Connect with grass roots and other tourism stakeholders. Explore ways in which you can cross promote your goods and services.

Presentation: To grab their attention.

Make sure your holiday rental looks professional. Use good quality content – images and descriptions using key words.

You’re selling a leisure experience not a property. Highlight the best spaces in the holiday rental, the best local attractions and grass roots tourism experiences, throw in a splash of colour or human interest. Create ambience with your images.

Consider a name and logo for your holiday rental.


Provide enough information so that they don’t have to feel like they’re reading a novel but that highlights the main features of the property and the experience. Provide answers to your target markets questions in the first two paragraphs. Family friendly, close to beach, air conditioned, pool, ample parking etc.

Remember to write this in a way that you are having a conversation. More personal in the first person. I, we…You want to make sure the prospective guest knows this is your home, that you love this place. If you really do love the place it will shine through and your description will genuinely sell the experience to your prospective holiday rental guest.

Consistency: To avoid confusion and maintain credibility.

Match images and descriptions across all marketing channels. Ensure content is identical in all communications.

Look out for part two: maintenance.

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