This is my mango tree. It was a gift from my husband five years ago. In the second year it produced two juicy and delish mangos. This was when we lived in the Perth Hills. It quite liked that environment. We later relocated south of Perth on the coast. Two years with zero yield, and possibly some neglect due to house relocation, raising children and well life in general.

This is my mango trees fifth year with our family and this year we produced a bumper harvest of approximately 20 juicy mangos. Finally…success! The hard work paid off and the wait was definitely worthwhile. Without the sun, the water and our time investment the mango tree would not have survived. When we gave it some tender loving care it thrived.

Now I could’ve thrown some fertiliser on this tree but I decided to go organic. So far the results are pleasing. The same could apply to boosting your digital profiles with paid advertising in the form of Google Adwords or Facebook advertising for example. This will naturally speed up the growth process and yield results quicker however this costs money. Consider paid advertising as your search engine optimisation fertiliser.

I have a similar approach when I advise owner managers of short term holiday rentals. There is usually a very lean budget for marketing, particularly when you’re starting up, so make sure you invest wisely. Start small and grow. This applies to your website and/or social media pages.

Choose 20 key words that describe your holiday rental and the local tourism region experience. If your holiday rental is a beach cottage on the Sunshine Coast and is in walking distance to Noosa town and coast then maybe some key words to start with could include;

1. Noosa
2. Name of your holiday rental
3. Holiday
4. Accommodation
5. Sunshine Coast
6. Beach
7. Cottage
8. Family Friendly
9. Self-contained etc…

Think about the words that describe your holiday rental type, location and the tourism experience or local attractions close by. Think about what your prospective guest is typing into Google.

Apply these key words and phrases to all your content marketing including social media posts, image descriptions and blog articles.

The more time you put aside to produce organic content to market your holiday rental the more success you will enjoy.

Make sure you have the time and some basic skills. If not, then consider educating yourself or employing someone to assist you. I can customise a remote marketing package for you.

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