If you are an owner or manager of holiday rental accommodation in Australia, or anywhere in fact, please read on because there are ways that you can build your holiday rental accommodation image gallery without having to spend a fortune.

Professional Photography

Yes, there is a place for professional photography when marketing holiday rentals in Australia. Yes it will cost you money for a professional photographer to take amazing photo’s. Mostly the investment is worthwhile however it is vitally important to remember that you are selling an experience, not real estate. You are selling the holiday not the house so be sure to brief your photographer that you are wanting images that capture the unique spaces and experience on offer in your holiday rental accommodation, local tourism attractions and, where possible, ask if they can include human beings enjoying themselves in these special spaces (ie, you, your family, your friends – hiring talent is expensive).

Styling is so very important as well. If you are going to the effort of paying a professional photographer to build your holiday rental image gallery then please, please, please make some effort with interior design. You don’t have to spend a fortune but this will be the difference between a good image and a dynamic image that converts a booking. Use props where possible such as a vase with fresh flowers, board games, books, throw rugs, cushions, champagne and so forth.

Most importantly think of those amazing spaces in your house that scream holidays. A hammock, a quiet nook with a book, the shady outdoor areas, the amazing kids zone, the spa, the incredible tourist attraction down the road or around the corner etc. Try and think what is unique. What your holiday rental accommodation and your tourism region will offer that others won’t.

Amateur Photography

This is where you, as owner/ managers of holiday rentals, can help. There a few ways you can build your image gallery without much effort and without costing you a cent.

  1. Owners: Look through your own photo’s and save all that feature your holiday rental or the local experiences nearby. If you have humans in these images ask them for permission to use them for marketing purposes. Seriously save every single one that appeals to you, that evokes a happy memory, that you think tells a story about the property. Save every one of them that ISN’T blurry then forward them to your property manager. If you are the manager of your own property then save the folder as “Image Gallery”.
  2. Owners: Ask your friends and family if they have some happy snaps of time spent in your holiday rental. Add them to your image gallery. People like to help. You will be pleasantly surprised. I promise.
  3. Managers: Ask your owners for everything I have mentioned in no’s 1 and 2 above.
  4. Managers: Ask your guests to hashtag their happy snaps, check in to the managers Facebook page when they share them and/or email them to you with permission to use for holiday rental marketing communications. Consider running a competition/ promotion (owners – donated accommodation is win win – exposure for you and incentive for participation) to acquire these happy snaps and be sure to ask for permission especially for children who feature in them.
  5. Owners & Managers: Just take photos all the time. When you are feeling the vibe, when you are visiting the holiday rental, when you’re staying in it, inspecting it and so forth. Snap away! Digital camera’s and smart phones really do capture pretty amazing quality images these days.

So go on then, start sorting, ask for help off loved ones, begging for permission, saving and forwarding those amazing holiday images! Go on, act now – don’t delay!

The image featured in this article was, in fact, taken by me of my young boys paddling in our magnificent Mandurah waterways on Australia Day. Note – I am not a photographer but I think this is pretty special and an experience that all holiday makers can enjoy when they visit our city.

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Cheers, Natalie 🙂