• Family, Allosaurus & Holiday Rental Facebook Marketing

    Family, Allosaurus & Holiday Rental Facebook Marketing

    Social media marketing is not as old as dinosaurs but definitely needed to be ferociously competitive. Before I talk about lean short-term and holiday rental Facebook marketing I wanted to talk about my almost nine-year-old son who has such a thirst for knowledge and he loves to learn about what I do, and well just learn all the [...]

  • Are New Marketing Applications A Liability For Short Term And Holiday Rental Businesses?

    Are New Marketing Applications A Liability For Short Term And Holiday Rental Businesses?

    I am seriously losing track of which apps (short for applications) I've installed and what technology I am trialling from the start up sphere? Some of you will be scratching your heads wondering what the hec is this article is about. Others will sympathise and probably have a Ripl, Screencastify, IStock (essential I think - to compliment an amazing holiday rental accommodation [...]

  • Grumpy Australian Holiday Rental Owner or Neighbour?

    Grumpy Australian Holiday Rental Owner or Neighbour?

    A grumpy cat to grab your attention - nice! So which side of the fence are you on? We're all a little grumpy about the impending rules and regulations to be thrust upon our niche short term accommodation sector in Australia. Let's face it...most owners managers in the niche short term accommodation rental sector in Australia have known they have [...]

Subtly Sells on Social Media

Seriously I've just set foot in your establishment and you're already in my face smothering me with your sales pitch! Call me a control freak but I like to maintain [...]

New Short Term Holiday Rental Venture! Where To Start?

So you've purchased a property or have an existing property that you'd like to set up as a holiday rental investment. Where do you start? Welcome In is a fabulous [...]

Are You Aware of Holiday Rental Industry News & Trends?

All good business operators take the time to keep up to date with industry news and trends. The national Australian Holiday Rental Industry Association (HRIA) drafts an e-newsletter each season [...]

Use Your Property As Currency To Boost Your Bookings

You have something that most people desire - a holiday. Exchange your accommodation for services to boost your bookings or to lower outgoings and increase your return on investment. Have [...]

Fakebook or Realbook – if you want real bookings don’t be fake on Facebook

Seriously don't waste your time trying to talk up your holiday rental. Take a few hours, half a morning even, to sit down and think about what experience you are [...]

Are You Promoting Your Holiday Rental Or Yourself?

Why spend time marketing your holiday rental to yourself. It's not you who you need to convince. There are many Australian and international visitors who want to get to know [...]

Google: Gobbledy Gook or Great?

I know! the two words - Digital and Marketing - is enough to throw your head in a spin. Do you duck for cover or change the subject when someone [...]

Kids Art Competition & Holiday Rental Promotional Idea

Here's an activity idea for the kids and a way to promote your holiday rental. Kids Art Competition You'll Need: - string - pegs - hooks (permanent or temporary) - [...]

How To Attract Holiday Rental Guests Like Children To Soft Serve Ice Cream?

It really isn’t rocket science. You have a product that will be appealing to certain markets. You, as the sender, wish to send a message to prospective guests (the receiver). [...]

Can You Be Found Beyond Accommodation Booking Sites?

Although I encourage owner/managers of holiday rental accommodation to consider marketing on sites such as Stayz, Home Away, Air BnB, Flipkey etc, I do think it's worthwhile independently marketing your holiday rental. [...]

Holiday Rental Digital Marketing & Booking User Experience (UX) Audit

We'll spend time looking over your short term rental website, Facebook or other social media pages, digital promotional material and the presentation and functionality of each. We'll then search for [...]

How Do Your Guests Find Out What’s On In Your Region?

Do you supply a what's on or tourism guide in your guest book? On your holiday rental website? Facebook or other social media pages? How do your holiday rental guests [...]

The True Value of Guest Feedback

How do you gather feedback from your holiday rental guests? In this article Welcome In explores the value of guest feedback and how you can go about receiving it. Guest [...]

An Easy Way To Get Some Holiday Rental Booking Action!

You're either well aware of what a call-to-action is or you are way behind and only just realising how effective Facebook and social media marketing is. If you're falling into [...]

You Can Market Your Holiday Rental Independently Online!

It's time to step out of your comfort zone. Take the time to research and realise that you can in fact exist independently online and run a successful holiday rental [...]

How To Spoil Your Holiday Rental Guests And Promote Local Tourism

Many have planned to, or already, leave a goody or welcome pack for your guests. You might have thrown in some bread, butter, eggs or maybe a gourmet coffee or [...]

Do You Have The Hero Shot?

We all know how important a quality image is for marketing your short term rental property. Good lighting, well composed, clear resolution and so on. By now you probably have [...]

The Minefield Of Short Term Holiday Rental Digital Marketing

I remember when I listed our first short term rental property on Stayz almost a decade ago. I was so excited to see the inquiries and bookings rolling in. It didn't [...]

Give Your Guests The Gifts Of Regional Tourism Information

Do your short term accommodation guests/ prospective guests have an easy way of finding local experiences in your tourism region? Consider providing this information in your confirmation emails, on your [...]

Network/Partner With Your Community Based Tourism Stakeholders

Do you know whether there is a local community market close to your short term accommodation in Australia? There are quite possibly a number of them in different localities in [...]

How Are You Leveraging off Major Holidays & Events?

Whether you believe in the American tradition of Halloween, or are turned off by the materialistic consumer driven motivation behind the special event, it is still a major draw card [...]

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