Business Consulting

Short Term & Holiday Rental Accommodation in Australia

There are a number of ways I can assist you attract more guests to your short term or holiday rental accommodation. Firstly, I encourage you to read a little bit more about me then come back to this page. So this is how I can help you attract more guests to your short term or holiday rental accommodation.


The Audit is a cost effective way for me to get a feel for your holiday rental operation with minimal investment. I can then determine which areas of your business may need attention that you can either follow up on yourself or tailor a consulting package with me – or another consultant. The choice is yours and there is absolutely no expectation for a longer term engagement.

  • Setting up and or managing your own effective short term holiday rental Facebook page.
  • Setting up and or managing your own effective short term holiday rental Google My Business profile including a Google + page.
  • Content management and organic optimization across platforms including drafting blog articles.
  • Short term holiday rental branding including logo development, property profiles (effective descriptions, image gallery) giving your holiday rental personality.
  • Connecting you with respected national industry stakeholders including professional short term holiday rental managers and other niche industry suppliers.

Digital/ e-communications for short term holiday rental stakeholders including database development and e-newsletters.
Advice and assistance in setting up cost-effective and user-friendly short term holiday rental websites with or without channel management.
Information on short term holiday rental accreditation, local laws/ industry regulation, training and resources. Welcome In is a member of the Holiday Rental Industry Association (I – previously a Director on the national Board).

Grass roots tourism marketing with your regional tourism stakeholders to jointly lift the profile of holiday rental accommodation in your region. Ask about me about my new Welcome In holiday rental guest packs and how to connect your holiday rental guests with tourism partners in your tourism region so they have the best experience, and feel at home while they’re away.


Are you looking for:

  • a for a professional short term holiday rental manager in Australia?
  • advice for management and integrated online booking technology?
  • local stakeholders to help you market, manage, stock or maintain your holiday rental?
  • information on local regulation?
  • information on insurance?

I (Natalie Drake-Brockman, Founder) am well connected with the niche short term holiday rental accommodation stakeholders in Australia. Make contact anytime with your questions and if I cannot assist personally I can certainly point you in the right direction.

I encourage you to subscribe (free) to receive my blog articles in your inbox. I don’t publish too frequently and promise to provide tips and tricks (mostly via my Facebook page) which genuinely prove helpful as you grow your holiday rental business. There will be opportunities to network with other subscribers and holiday rental managers around Australia in the future too.